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What Is Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is an infection passed to humans through the bite of an infected tick, which typically picks up an infectious bacterium by biting diseased deer or mice. Because multiple infectious agents can be involved, Lyme disease is more appropriately referred to as “tick-borne diseases.” Chronic Lyme disease symptoms can begin anytime from three days to several months after the initial tick bite. Lyme disease is a controversial subject in the medical community, sparking debate about diagnosis, appropriate treatment and even the prevalence of tick-borne illnesses.

Why Are Lyme Disease and Other Tick-borne Illnesses Difficult to Diagnose and Treat?

A large number of cases of tick-borne illness are misdiagnosed, especially among children. A variety of bacterial organisms can cause Tick-borne diseases, so the progression of these diseases typically don’t follow a specific pattern. Tick-borne illnesses are complicated to diagnose and treat because they can affect many different body systems, and their symptoms vary widely between infected individuals. The accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses requires an experienced and knowledgeable practitioner with a thorough understanding of the complexity of these disorders.

Depend on the Lyme Disease Experts at Bock Integrative

Qualified and Experienced Tick-borne Illness Experts

Our location in Hudson Valley, NY, places Bock Integrative Medicine in the heart of the tick-borne illness epidemic and has provided us with many years of diagnostic and treatment experience, making us leaders in this challenging field. Kenneth A. Bock, M.D. is a Lyme-literate doctor who has been successfully caring for patients with multi-symptom, multisystem medical problems, including tick-borne illnesses, for over three decades. Jennifer Petkos, has trained with Dr. Bock, and has acquired comprehensive experience caring for children and adults with difficult-to-diagnose tick-borne disorders, including neuropsychiatric Lyme disease.

Lyme Disease Treatment

A Comprehensive Approach to Lyme Disease Treatment

Lyme Disease is the perfect example of a condition that requires not only antimicrobial therapy, but also comprehensive physiologic balance (immune, hormonal, metabolic, nutritional and psychosocial). As one of the few practices nationwide that focuses on integrative pediatric Lyme disease, we provide our patients with an alternative to the conventional “one-size-fits-all” treatment approach. We go beyond just treating the symptoms to determine the real cause of illness and provide our patients with a clear explanation of their medical problems. When evaluating a patient for possible tick-borne illness, we consider symptoms, physical findings, and laboratory results. Our tick-borne illness experts design and implement an individualized comprehensive pediatric Lyme disease treatment protocol for each patient. This inclusive diagnostic approach is in line with the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS). Our comprehensive model of individualized care is designed to maximize the chances for a positive clinical response that can restore your child’s health.

Why Patients Choose Bock Integrative for Tick-Borne Illness Treatment?

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Board-Certified Medical Professionals with Extensive Expertise

With over 35 years of combined experience in integrative medicine, the highly trained, licensed medical professionals at Bock Integrative are proficient at tackling complex illnesses that are difficult to diagnose and treat. Rather than only treating your symptoms, we put decades of diagnostic expertise to work for you to learn the actual cause of your illness.

Individualized Treatment


Individualized Treatment

Using the most recent breakthroughs in medical science and technology, Dr. Bock and Jennifer Petkos, FNP-BP, will design an evidence-based treatment regimen highly personalized to your needs. Their individualized combination therapy treatments for tick-borne illnesses are supported by research. Safety is our first concern when starting any treatment plan. While they try to avoid the use of medications, pharmaceuticals are sometimes necessary to treat infections. In these situations, they are always careful to combine pharmaceutical regimens with supplements, herbs, and dietary modification to protect the liver and digestive tract. The experts at our Lyme treatment center will continually assess your response to treatment and make individualized adjustments to your regimen as needed.

Doctors Providing Compassionate Care


Compassionate Care

The caring Lyme disease experts at Bock Integrative are committed to helping eliminate the anxiety and frustration you feel when faced with chronic, often debilitating symptoms and no clear diagnosis or treatment plan. We’ll take the time to listen to your story; it’s often the intangible information we learn by listening that helps us discover an essential piece of information about your illness.

4. Comprehensive Services

At Bock Integrative, we make it as convenient as possible for you to get great comprehensive tick-borne illness care. At our Lyme treatment center, we streamline our patients’ care experiences by providing them with a wide array of services that support their health and well-being. These services include an in-house lab, on-site supplement department that is able to ship supplements all over the world, nurse email service, and online video consultations for established, and, more recently, new patients.

  • In-House Lab and IV-Therapy
    Our on-site laboratory, staffed by our expert team of lab techs and nurses, makes it fast and convenient for you to have lab test samples drawn or receive IV therapies during or between office visits. Our patients feel comforted by the knowledge that they’re receiving only the highest quality IV-therapeutics at Bock Integrative Medicine.
  • Pharmaceutical-grade Supplements
    When we prescribe supplements as part of your comprehensive treatment plan, we want you to feel confident that you’re ingesting only the highest-quality products. Our on-site supplement department can quickly and conveniently provide you with pharmaceutical-grade immune support products. What’s more, we are proud to donate a meal to orphaned children for every bottle of supplements we sell. During the COVID-19 crisis, we are donating to the families of frontline workers.
  • Nurse Q&A Service
    Our highly experienced nurses are available to address issues via telephone or email so that you can have your questions addressed as they arise.
  • Video and Telephonic Consultations
    Dr. Bock and Jennifer Petkos can provide integrative medicine services to established patients throughout the U.S. and in other countries by conducting video and telephonic consultations. This allows patients who have been to our office for an evaluation to continue receiving treatment even though they live too far away to visit us in person regularly. Recently, we are able to extend this service to new patients as well.

Restoring normalcy to your life!

When you depend on the tick-borne illness experts at Bock Integrative, you can be sure you have highly trained, experienced and compassionate medical providers dedicated to determining the root cause of your illness. Our providers will develop a comprehensive tick-borne illness treatment regimen personalized for your needs. At Bock Integrative, we’re committed to continuously evolving on the frontier of tick-borne illness.

Our Daughter Got Her Life Back!

Our pre-teen daughter had always been active in sports and engaged at school. Suddenly she was complaining of aches and pains and was exhausted all the time. She became lethargic at school and no longer wanted to play soccer. Her pediatrician repeatedly dismissed her symptoms as growing pains and moodiness. Months later, our daughter’s symptoms had worsened to include headaches, swollen joints, shortness of breath, and more. For more than a year, we visited a variety of experts, all of whom told us it wasn’t Lyme disease and prescribed a long list of medicines, ranging from anti-inflammatories to antidepressants, meant to ease her symptoms. Nothing helped. When another parent told me how much the chronic disease experts at Bock Integrative had helped his child, we knew I had to give Dr. Bock and Jennifer Petkos a try. The comprehensive approach they took in evaluating our daughter’s condition allowed them to diagnose her with two lesser-known tick-borne illnesses and they were able to design a treatment program that restored balance to her immune system. She’s now an active high school athlete and straight-A student. Thank you for giving our daughter her life back!
~ Victoria, Hesler, Somerset, New Jersey

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