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Asthma is an immune response to an environmental trigger and is often associated with nutritional deficiencies and imbalances. Instead of just trying to control the manifestations of the condition, we search for the triggers and address the imbalances in an effort to eliminate or greatly reduce the need for medication


Asthma Statistics

Data from the NIH website.

There are many patients for whom nutritional interventions can effectively treat asthma, requiring either no other treatment or only occasional beta-agonist use instead of the chronic anti-inflammatory agents that they would otherwise require. For others, one can achieve a significant medication-sparing effect with decreased costs and side effects. Especially in children, one can create a more normal life and possibly avoid some of the vicious cycles that medications can create related to obesity, intestinal permeability, and gut flora disturbances.

— From the chapter “Asthma: Nutrient Strategies in Improving Management” by Kenneth Bock MD and Michael Compain MD in “Advancing Medicine with Food and Nutrients”, Second Edition 2012


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