Red Hook, NY

Red Hook, New York

Red Hook, New York

Red Hook is a large-scale, sparse suburban town in the northwest sector of Dutchess County, NY. The town contains multiple hamlets and villages; some to note would be Tivoli, Red Hook Village, Barrytown, Amandale-On-Hudson, Linden Acres, and many others. The town is located on the edge of the Hudson River and a couple of the surrounding towns include Rhinebeck and Milan. This suburban area is made up of about 11,319 people, according to their 2010 census, and has plenty of things to offer. While people love Red Hook for its escape from busy city life, locals take a particular liking to the education it has to offer their youth. Red Hook has its own school district that, in competition with thousands of other schools, was ranked the #280 best school across the nation by Newsweek. Around 80% of the children that go through Red Hook’s school system go on to attend college. Some of these students even go on to attend the local universities which include Bard College, Bard College Master of Arts in Teaching Program, and Unification Theological Seminary. The school provides rigorous courses for its students, but they also heavily embrace and endorse their sports life. Red Hook Highschool is ranked Class A in sports such as soccer, basketball, softball, and baseball. The sports they’re not ranked in as Class A, they are ranked in a close second as Class B. The school takes pride in its many athletic accomplishments, such as their Boys Lacrosse team’s six-time victory at the Section IV Championships, their basketball teams’ multiple sectional titles, as well as many others. One soccer play from the school, Kyle Murphy, went on to play as a forward for Memphis 901 FC in the USL Championship. This upstate-NewYork town breeds incredible youth and offers a well-rounded and inviting environment with plenty of things to keep both locals and visitors entertained with.

Red Hook Businesses

Red Hook embraces its business life and includes many different forms of employment ranging from farms to coffee shops. Some of their prosperous eateries include Jaeger Haus, Historic Village Diner, Taste Budd’s Cafe, Red Hook Diner, and many others. The town’s ice cream shop, Holy Cow, was rated one of the best eating establishments in Red Hook. Customers regularly line up out the door year-round to indulge in the shop’s frozen desserts. However, customers say that lines move quickly thanks to the skilled employees. Holy Cow gets the milk to make their ice cream straight from the nearby farms in Red Hook. The town has many farms and orchards which include Grieg’s Farm, Rose Hill Farm, Keisicke Farm, Brittany Hollow Farm, and others. there are many professional, such as Lyme disease and Autoimmune disease doctors, dentists, and lawyers. The land consists of many ideal locations for growing produce, but also offers many niche shopping opportunities at businesses like Living Eden, Vaux, Red Hook Emporium, Little Pickles, and more. Red Hook business consists of many farms, small clothing shops, and top-tier eating locations, creating an overarching country-style energy in the rural town. The county itself offers more business opportunities for those who require a more fast-paced working life. In Dutchess County, visitors and locals can take their picks from the wide range of small-owned businesses to big-chain eating and shopping locations. Shoppers can head to trendy clothing spots like Elizabeth Boutique, Macy’s, Poughkeepsie Galleria, Shoppes at South Hills, and many others. Overall, Red Hook as well as its encompassing county is great for starting up a business or indulging in it, either way, the environment is easy to prosper in and even easier to fit into.

Red Hook, NJ

The Red Hook Community

Red Hook township has a warm and inviting atmosphere that’s welcoming to people from all walks of life. The town has many farms, orchards, and wineries, which makes for a friendly environment with a splash of country life. Red Hook is a haven outside of the busy city life and is great for raising kids or living a quiet life. Locals here lead a quaint life but still partake in the things Red Hook has to offer. While they do have shopping malls and bigger chain stores, one of the gems of Red Hook is all of their trendy thrift shops that have affordable, modern fashion. Locals also love to take strolls in the town’s stunning, green park, Poet’s Walk. Alongside this, the community takes pride in their sports accomplishments as well as embracing the arts. In Red Hook, all different types of hobbies are encouraged. The school pushes its students to partake in its many athletic activities that they excel in, but they also offer other ventures. They have a robotics team at the Red Hook High School that competed in the Tech Challenge World Championships in St. Louis, Missouri in May 2017.

Outside of sports and robotics, Red Hook also keeps its citizens well-versed in the arts. One of the town’s colleges, Bard College, is a liberal arts college. Some students who get on the path to this university most likely attended an event at the Fisher Center at Bard at least once in their childhood. Here, the establishment provides audience members with musical performances that include various instruments, opera, dance, and more. The center also offers programs, where the goals are centered around enrichment as well as discipline. Also located on the Bard College campus is the Hessel Museum of Art. All areas of the arts are promoted here and students take advantage of it. Overall, Red Hook is a large area with a small-town feel where business prospers and citizens lead mellow, yet vibrant lives.

The Future of Red Hook

Right now, Red Hook is focusing on battling the current pandemic. The town website encourages its eligible citizens to get the covid vaccine. Other than the vaccine, the town is also planning for different developments and improvements. One event currently in the works is the modification of water rates and charges for the water of district 1 as well as meetings to discuss tree preservations. Other committees that are planned to meet this month are economic development, town board, greenway and trails, and others. Right now, Red Hook’s future consists of battling Covid-19 while continuing to maintain and also grow the preeminence of the town.