The style of medicine practiced at Bock Integrative Medicine has been referred to by many names:

  • Integrative Medicine 
  • Holistic Medicine
  • Functional Medicine 
  • Alternative or Complementary Medicine, etc.

There is no single name that can embody an approach which is so fundamentally different from the conventional medical practice.

Whereas medical practice traditionally focuses on discreet entities called diseases, we at Bock Integrative Medicine include with our focus an understanding of dysfunction and imbalance. If the immune system, for example, is causing allergy or autoimmune problems, we don’t simply name it and give a medication to alter the process. Instead, we ask:

"what is wrong with the immune system?" 

If a child has neurobehavioral problems, our approach is to ask:

 "what is out of balance? What nutrients are deficient? What infection or toxin needs to be eliminated?" 

Medical science has provided us with many of the tools we need to answer these questions, but first the questions have to be asked.

This approach to medical practice often allows us to offer gentle and supportive therapies.  By giving the body what it needs and removing what doesn’t belong, we can often avoid the disruptive effect of strong medications that target symptoms. By restoring balance, we make Mother Nature our partner on the path to wellness.

Whatever one calls it, this model of health restoration and prevention at Bock Integrative Medicine offers the opportunity to profoundly change health outcomes for the children and adults we treat.