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Hello Dr. Bock, I continue to refer my Healing Touch clients to you on a regular basis and it brings them hope.

I thought it was time to let you know that I am now 20 years out from my Stage 2-3 breast cancer surgery, chemo and radiation. As a biologist I knew I had to heal my immune system and not just treat the cancer cells. You were so supportive in testing my body's metabolic reactions, heavy metals load, and pH and supporting my immune system with 21 supplements taken 3 times a day. When it came time for radiation, I was in your office and told you my radiation oncologist, Dr. Alex Frank in Glens Falls, said I could not take any anti-oxidants. You called him immediately and educated him for half an hour after which the two of you agreed I would skip the early am dose, get my treatment and then take the 1 and 7 pm supplements.

I did not burn at all from the radiation treatments due to intense visualization each night when he allowed me to apply pure vitamin E oil. When I returned a month after my last gamma radiation, he told me he was treating a second patient of yours and was curious about the outcome. I never followed up with him, but I trust it was similar.

Anyway, I just want to thank you. I have lived 20 years and am very healthy, active with biking and tennis and climbing high peaks with a backpack and I now have two granddaughters to enjoy in retirement!

I hope you and your family are well.

Sue Van Hook