Microbiome Medicine Summit
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Microbiome Medicine Summit

Is your microbiome the missing link to achieving lasting optimal health? The Microbiome Medicine Summit will educate patients and practitioners about the importance of leveraging the “good” bacteria in your body to develop a natural immunity to your most challenging health issues. Join Dr. Bock and 32 other experts , February 29 – March 7!

Kenneth Bock, MD

Microbiome, Inflammation and Toxicity in Developmental and Other Pediatric Disorders.

What you'll learn:

  • Restoring after a C-section
  • Importance of the microbiome in the neonate
  • Should we get vaccinated? What should we be mindful of if we do?
MMI (Metabolic Medical Institute) 2015 Event
Oct 10

MMI (Metabolic Medical Institute) 2015 Event

  • Chicago Marriot Downtown

Dr. Kenneth Bock will be attending the 2015 MMI conference in Chicago.

The topics of discussion will be:
- A Metabolic & Functional Approach to Gastroenterlology
- A Metabolic & Functional Approach to Toxicology and Detoxification
- Individualized Weight Management for the Patient