Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

EMF Electromagnetic Field

There has been a growing concern and controversy regarding the health effects of EMF’s, in particular radio/microwave frequencies from cordless devices and extremely low frequencies (ELF) from electrical wiring.

Although there are no definitive conclusions, there have been many studies showing effects of EMF’s on immune function, neurologic function, and the blood brain barrier. Some researchers have raised the possibility that the dramatic increase in neuroimmune conditions such as Autism and PANDAS may be due in part to the significant increase in the EMF fields world wide over the past few decades.

As part of a comprehensive treatment program, one should consider reducing EMF exposure:

  • Avoid cordless devices as much as possible. These would include cordless phones, wireless laptop use, Wi-Fi, baby monitors, etc. One might use corded phones, wired computers, and disconnect wireless routers when not being used. EMF’s from cell phones are harder to avoid, but wired headsets can allow greater distance from the phone during prolonged use, and shielding pouches are available as well. Of course powering off a cell phone eliminates the EMF’s.
Danger Turn off cell phone
  • To reduce ELF, one should locate electronic devices such as alarm clocks, TV’s, and microwaves as far away as possible and avoid electric blankets. Detachable key boards can enable more distance from computer screens.
  • For those who want to more aggressively reduce EMF’s, there are meters available that measure both kinds of fields and there are commercially available shielding devices and filters.