Webinar: Autism Is Treatable: By Kenneth Bock, MD

Dr. Bock's Latest presentation for the Autism Research Institute.

Excerpted from ARI’s official synopsis:

Medical diagnostic coding books have historically defined autism as a psychiatric or behavioral disorder. However, autism is not a psychiatric disorder, but a medical disorder with neurobehavioral symptomatology. In fact, it appears to be a chronic systemic inflammatory disorder that also affects the brain.

brain inflammation psychiatric disorder

Furthermore, autism is not a single entity, but rather a spectrum with multiple phenotypes (physical presentations) and multiple factors that contribute to its variable symptomatology. Using various biomarkers allows us to subtype the so-called “autisms” and further understand the underlying imbalances — metabolic, immunologic, neurologic and gastrointestinal. We can then use this knowledge to help craft individualized biomedical treatment programs, which, when coupled with behavioral, clinical and educational interventions, offer realistic hope for improvement for affected children and their families.