Avoiding Environmental Toxins

Environmental Toxins like food and water

Food and Water

  • Avoid processed foods
  • Organic dairy products and free range meat and poultry (animal fat is a source of accumulated toxins)
  • Organic produce, washed. Peel waxed fruit.
  • Reduce intake of large fish (i.e. tuna, swordfish)
  • Filter water with reverse osmosis and carbon filter.
  • Avoid plastic containers if possible, especially with #’s 3, 6,or 7 on the bottom.
  • Use stainless steel, cast iron, glass or porcelain cookware
Toxic home and lawns

Home, etc.

  • Avoid pesticides in home and garden
  • Use natural (health food store) cleansers and homecare products
  • Keep home well ventilated
  • Use Hepa air purifiers
  • Change furnace filter 3-4 times per year
  • Avoid new plastic items (shower curtains, plastic toys)
  • Avoid carpeting or use low VOC carpets
  • Steam clean new carpets with boric acid powder
  • Clean air conditioner vents and filters
  • Avoid new cars, or open windows if possible
  • Renovate homes in warm weather with windows open
    • Use water based paints
    • Use exterior grade plywood only
    • Avoid particle board
avoiding toxic body care

Body Care

  • Use skin creams/makeup that are low toxin
  • Avoid antacids/ antiperspirants with aluminum
  • Avoid mercury dental amalgams (consider removal by ‘biological’ dentist)
  • Avoid fragranced products and hairsprays